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"Appointment day"

Updated: May 6

The day had started out like any other. Hitori woke up, got ready, took a yogurt out of the fridge, and out the door she went. She got to the hospital and greeted Rae before clocking in and starting on files and taking patients. At around 10:55 a.m. Hitori had just finished with a patient and was handing the file to Rae when Azrael walked in. He was wearing a navy blue almost black JB Britches with a white button up shirt accompanied with a baggy and loose looking long brown coat. He had that teethy smile he always used to show off whenever he performed at the theater back in high school. "Good afternoon," he directed his words to Rae, but his attention was very obviously towards Tori "I am here for my appointment." Tori would be lying if she said that she didn't notice his looks, but she still acted as if that was the case by starting a conversation with the guy besides Rae about a file from a patient. " Mr. Azrael?" Rae asked to which Azrael just nodded. "Yes, I have you here for 11:00 a.m. You may take a seat and we will be with you shortly." Azrael nodded once more and turned around to take a seat. "Tori~" Rae whispered in a sing song voice. "Stop, I know what you are going to say. Just give me the file" Tori chuckled at Rae's antics and put her hand out for Rae to give her the file. "Fine, I get it, you only want me to use me" Rae fake sniffles while handing the folder to tori. "Mr. Azrael, we're ready for you" Tori called out for Azrael, who stood up and walked towards her. After getting to the room Tori did the procedure and told Azrael to have a seat and wait for the doctor to come into the room. Little time passed before the doctor came in with tori by his side to start with the actual appointment. "Good afternoon Mr. Azrael, I hope you are doing good this evening." the doctor announced. "Yes, very well actually." Azrael replied to the doctor while quite obviously looking at tori, an action that went unnoticed by the doctor but not tori. "That is good to hear, and I see you are here for further tests?" the doctor questioned. "Yes, last time I came in here because I was having very bad pain." every now and then Azrael stole a quick glance at tori which had now been noticed by the doctor. "I see and do you still feel a lot of pain? has it subsided?" the doctor asked while looking down at the file of Azrael and writing down what he is being told. " Well, it has definitely gotten better but it still hurts quite a bit." the doctor nods and directs his attention to tori. "Blood test and urine samples" That was all the doctor said before leaving the room which tori understood what she needed to do. "Alright well we are going to run some blood tests which means we are going to need to draw blood and afterwards we need to get some urine samples." Azrael shuddered at the thought of getting his blood drawn out, he didn't like needles at all. It wasn't exactly a phobia, but it was very darn close. He saw as tori took out the needles and those weird things they use to do a phlebotomy and gulped as he readied himself mentally. "Gosh ask me to a date first, no?" He joked to alleviate his nerves to which tori giggled and responded with " I rather have it quick" and winked before taking off the protective cap of the needle and carefully inserting it into Azrael's arm drawing out some blood in the process. "You took it like a champ!" Tori said jokingly letting out a little laugh barely audible. "Thanks, I tried my best" Azrael smiles. "Now that we've got the blood samples the last thing for today is the urine sample," tori explained to Azrael while handing him a specimen cup " you can go into the bathroom that is straight down the hall to the right and take your time there's no hurry." Azrael took the cup and went to the bathroom. He did his business and after he had finished, he went back to the room where tori was waiting for him. " Alright well, that will be all for today you can go to the front desk to get checked out and your test's will be available by tomorrow." Azrael said thank you checked out and left for his home. After Azrael Tori had a few more patients and by the time she was finished t was already 8:30 which meant she was already a whole hour after her shift had ended so she decided to finally head home take a shower and go to sleep.

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