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"Mr. Azrael"

Updated: Apr 28

"Hey, Mr. Azrael" Hitori smiled. " Hello Mrs. nurse" he followed. "Mrs. nurse?" Hitori giggled at the lack of knowledge of Azrael, "Well you never told me your name!" he said laughing a little too. "Forgive me Mr. Azrael, my name is Hitori but my friends call me Roe" Azrael looked at her with a smile, then his face shifted into one of joke confusion "Does that mean I am your friend?" Hitori placed her hand on her chin as if thinking and said "Why we barely know each other. What about I treat you to a coffee today next time you treat me." she smiled. "It's a date then?" Azrael questioned. " Mm... maybe." She giggled before turning back around as it was her turn in line to order some coffee. "I would like a mocha coffee and for him..." she pointed a finger at Azrael before turning her head "What would you like?" she asked. "I would like a Macchiato thank you." Azrael directed his words towards the cashier taking their order. "Would that be all?" the cashier asked. "Could you add a quesito? there also could you please put some chocolate flakes on top on the mocha?" Azrael couldn't help but look at her and giggle. "Alright chocolate flakes, now would that be all?" Hitori nodded her head and said yes while taking out her card to pay. After paying they had to wait some time while their drinks came out and they chatted a bit while waiting. Finally, their drinks were ready. " Well, I've got to get back with my mother and sister, how about I give you my number and you can treat me to a coffee some other time?" she gave him a smile that would make anyone say yes to all of her orders. She gave him her phone number and he sent her a text to make sure the number was right and afterwards they went their separate ways. As she was walking towards her table, she could already see the smirk forming on her sister's face and she could already tell that she was going to be bombarded with questions. Before she could even sit down her sister began "Who was that? Is he your friend? Are you guys going out? Ooh tell me everything!" Hitori couldn't keep up with all the questions, so she decided to answer what she picked up. "That was Mr. Azrael, and he was one of my patients the other day." Her sister gave her a disappointed look and asked, "Just a patient? nothing more?" Hitori let out a giggle before replying "Yes may just a patient" and before they could continue speaking Akuma spoke. "Well, it is no surprise he is nothing more. I mean such a fine-looking gentleman just couldn't be with someone who works so much and does not care about her appearance." May gave her a " What the hell!" look and she retorted with " What? I am just saying the truth. It's nothing bad, I just think if she dressed a little bit better and took care of her appearance that she would be a great stay at home wife!" and with that Hitori just apologized to her sister and left.

sorry it took quite some time, but I finally released this one! Also, it is worth mentioning that Hitori and her family are Japanese and May's fiancé is French. Just wanted to make sure that was known although I might make a part where they speak about where they're from.

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