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“So much to do .”

Updated: Mar 29

After he left the day passed by rather quickly, nothing interesting happened. Ater that tiring shift she bid her goodbyes to her coworkers and left. Once she got home she took off her shoes and threw herself on the couch. "He looked just like when I first saw him" she thought with a smile on her face. " I hope nothings wrong so that I can ask him for his number next time we meet." After a while she ate something and took a bath and right after went to sleep. The next day was a weekend and it was her day off. She woke up, made herself some coffee, and watered her plants. After watering her plants she went back inside and did some workout. She had quite a busy day because her sister was getting married in a month and she was a maid of honor. She was also helping her sister with all the preparations of her wedding they had scheduled a meeting in a nearby cafe at 2. She looked at the clock, 9:45 am. At 10 she needed to go to the store to get some groceries so she got her watch, keys, and phone, she put on her jacket which had her wallet in her pocket and hurried out the door."

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