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Updated: Mar 29

Time passed by in a flash and soon it was 1:15, so she quickly went home and put the groceries in their place. She took a shower and got dressed, by the time she was done getting ready it was 1:55 so she got her things and out the door she went. She got on her motorcycle and left for the cafe. Already there she sent a text to her sister to let her know she had arrived.

Hitori: hey I'm here where are you?

May♡: I'm already inside

May♡: on the corner table

Hitori: ok

She walks into the cafe and looks around until she spots her sister and along side her was someone she didn't expect. "Hello? Didn't know you'd be here, mother" she said walking towards the table. "Well, your sister wanted me to be part of the wedding preparations" her mother said with a smile as she patted the seat next to her directing Hitori to seat next to her, but hitori went towards Mays' side. " I rather sit closer to May so we can talk better." Hitori has a little grudge against her mother for things that happened when she was younger but she was trying her best to move on because her mother seemed sincerely remorseful for the past, and also she was trying to move past because she wanted to make peace in the family for her sister. "Well, how about we begin with the bridesmaid dresses." May interrupts with an awkward chuckle. "Ah! yes, let's start with that."

And I'm going to leave it there. Hehehe. Now y'all have to wait for the next one ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ lots of love to you all and see you tomorrow XD

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