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“We meet again”

"Lets start with the bridesmaid dresses" May said with an awkward chuckle, trying to brighten the mood. "Ah! Yes, let's start with that." Hitori contributed to the attempt of shifting the mood. "So! What color should the brides maid dresses be? Let's not forget design too!" Hitori was definitely excited to be part of the wedding planning and she was most exited that she was going to be a bridesmaid at her sister's and best friend's wedding. May's husband Beau was hitori's middle school best friend, they spent a lot of time together which meant that may and him also saw each other often. By the end of high school they had fallen in love and some years later Beau proposed to May, who very happily agreed and wasted no time in calling hitori to tell her the amazing news, and she could never have been happier. "Well, I was thinking about the dresses being maybe beige and putting some light pastel pink accessories" May described. "Beige? Why not fuchsia or lavender? Isn't beige too... plain, and not just plain but ugly" nitpicked their mother. "Is it your wedding Akuma? I believe not so maybe you should let her go with what she likes," Hitori argued putting emphasis when directing towards their mother. Akuma looked at her with annoyance but stayed quite for she had not a word to refute. "I think beige is a very pretty color for a bridesmaid dress and the pink accessories would definitely complement the color well." Hitori smiles at May with fondness and May returns the feeling. "What about the design? Have you thought about the design?" Hitori questioned. "Mmm yes I was thinking heel length dresses with a slit on the left side and a one shoulder sleeve." May added. Hitori paused for a moment to visualized the dress "That sounds like a wonderful design May! I love it." she said. "Well, I am not very sure about the one shoulder sleeve, that seems too revealing and the slit" Akuma sneered. "You don't get it do you? It's not your wedding! This is May's wedding. Not yours!" Hitori argued "Well I'm just giving constructive criticism darling no need to get so sencitive" Akuma rolled her eyes as she spoke, which made Hitori scuff. "Sensitive? You're saying I'm sentitive? Look whose talking! You can't go a second without arguing and you are calling me sensitive?" Hitori hissed pointing a finger from her mother to herself. She had started to raise her voice and may have her a look that basically screamed 'please just calm down for my sake!'. "Oh darling there's no need to be raising our voice-" her mother was saying when she was all of a sudden interrupted by a harsh bam. "I am going to get a coffee" Hitori had slammed her hands on the table and stood up. She walked towards the counter. There was already a guy ordering something and there was another person behind him so she had to wait. She got on the line and took out her phone. She heard the jingle of the door bell signifying that someone had entered the store. She turned to see and was surprised to see the guy from when she was still in high school. At the same time he also looked at her and went towards her. "Hey, we meet again" he chuckled. "Hey, Mr. Azrael" Hitori smiled.

And we are leaving this one here. This one is quite long I know but I wanted to get to this part. I'm sorry for taking a little time I was a little blocked on how to get my idea across, but I finally made it woohoo! Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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