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"We need further tests."

Updated: Apr 23

It was 6:30 a.m. when Hitori woke up for her shift in the hospital. She brushed her teeth washed, her face, got dressed, and put her hair on a low ponytail. She went to the kitchen and got a yogurt that had granola on the side. She quickly got her bag and keys to her motorcycle and out the door she left. Hitori lived 30 minutes away from the hospital and her regular morning shift started at 7:00 a.m. Every day Hitori left her home at around 4:50-4:55 a.m. in order to get to her job in time. After arriving at the hospital, she first clocks in and then goes to the employe cafeteria to eat her yogurt. After that she washes her hands and starts her job by getting the files and revising them before going to the computer and checking lab reports. Hitori had finished the lab reports and by then it was already 11:57 a.m. so she decided to go get a quick snack. Before getting to the vending machines that had snacks and juices, she passed by Rae to ask if she wanted anything from the vending machines. "Mm yeah, get me a green apple tea and apple slices please and thank you" Rae said in a sing song voice. "You sure do love apples don't you" Hitori mocked Rae's love for apples to which Rae just gave her a cocky smile and as Hitori turned to go to the vending machines Rae called out to her "Tori! I forgot to tell you, the file for your guy came in here you go" Rae handed the beige colored file with Azrael's name on it. Hitori snatched the file before exclaiming "He is not my boy!" to which Rae giggled. Hitori turned again and went to the vending machines and bought the things for Rae accompanied by a peach tea for herself. She then went back to Rae to give her the snacks and the made her way to the cafe that was in the hospital and got a sandwich to eat with her peach tea. After finishing her food, she quickly left to her office to check the file of Azrael that had been handed to her earlier. "Hm, it seems he doesn't have any physical problems?" Hitori looked at the paper in her hands with a questioning look and decided to not put much doubt into it and sent out and email to Azrael informing him that further test's needed to be done and giving him a date to come which was the next day since from seeing the archive on him they needed to make sure he didn't have anything troublesome that should be treated quickly. 'I will be there! :)' Azrael replied in a matter of minutes. Hitori continued her day checking and completing archives and taking in patients. The day could not have passed any slower it was already 6:50 p.m. 10 minutes before her shift ended when she got another patient that took a whole 30 minutes because her patients was being difficult. The patient was complaining that they had pain in their lower stomach and that they hadn't been able to use the bathroom for days now. "Have you had any sexual activities in the past few days?" Hitori asked as that was standard procedure, but the patient took it very wrong " What does that have to do with this! I don't think whether I have been with someone or not has anything to do with my problem in this moment!" Hitori sighed knowing that this was not going to be easy and said "This is just standard procedure it allows us to give you a better diagnosis. We have delt with many types of things and believe it or not sexual activities have caused many different problems so whether you have or not nobody here will judge you that is for certain." The patient just huffed and mumbled a yes. "Alright, and how long ago was it?" Once again, the patient mumbled their answer "About 4 days ago." Hitori looked up from the clip board in which she was writing the information. " And when did your symptoms start?" she asked. "3 days ago? yea around there." Hitori nodded. "Alright and are you allergic to any foods or have had problems with any foods before?" she asked. "Well, I am lactose intolerant and I had something similar happen before, but it was never this bad!" the patient exclaimed. Hitori just looked at the patient with a 'I am trying so hard not to judge you look' before explaining to the patient how being lactose intolerant work and explaining to them like a child in the nicest way that they aren't dying. After that Hitori was exhausted she clocked out said goodbye to Rae and left home to shower and sleep.

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