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"What do I have doc?"

Updated: Jun 7

As soon as tori woke up bad luck hit her. She woke up late which meant she had to rush her morning routine and rush out of the door. Thanks to her having to rush everything she didn't have time to eat anything and almost forgot her bag which she had to sprint inside and back outside to her motorcycle to quickly go to the hospital and hopefully arrive not too late. Sadly her hopes were quickly destroyed since there was a lot of traffic and it seemed as if the whole world was against her since every single light she encountered was red. She arrived 20 minutes late and had to rush inside to quickly clock in and start with her day. After all of that the day continued not so bad until 12:00pm which was when Azrael's results came in. "Oh gosh this needs to be administered quickly" tori thought out loud while quickly dialing the number on Azrael's file and leaving a voicemail telling him to come to the hospital as soon as he hears the message. After that she quickly went to the doctor who was working on Azrael and gave him the file for him to review. "It's not that is it?" tori asked the doctor. "It seems so but if it is we have to figure what type it is," The doctor replied "did you already contact him?" He continued with a question. "Yes, I already contacted him but he didn't pick up so I left him a voicemail." The doctor nodded and waved his hand as if shooing her and said " Alright then I will look into this to see which type he has. When he gets here give me a call and I will go quickly okay?" Tori nodded and left the room to go to her office. time passed quickly and finally Azrael arrived at 4:59 p.m. he went to the front desk and got quickly taken to a room since there weren't many patients. "Please stay here for a bit the doctor will be with you soon" the nurse said closing the door while exiting the room. The nurse went to get Tori who quickly went to get the doctor assigned to Azrael. "What did you find?" Tori questioned with obvious worry in her voice. " It's exactly what we thought and it is bad." the doctor affirmed. They got to the room and the doctor introduced himself "Good evening my name is Dr. Evans and I will be your doctor," to which Azrael responded with a head nod and a little good evening. "Last time when we did the health check up and consultation we found out that there was a possibility that you had leukemia but we didn't have enough proof therefore we ran blood tests and it confirmed that you did have leukemia." Azrael looked as confused as ever "Leukemia? isn't that easily treatable?" he inquired. "Well nothing is really easy to treat everything has their own level of difficulty, just like leukemia. There are 4 main types of leukemia: 1- Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) which is most common in adults over 55 and it is one of the easiest and one of the most preferable to have with a 70.6% recovery chance, 2- Chronic lymphocytic leukemia which is also most prominent in adults over 55 and has an 87.2% survival rate making it the most survival prone, 3- Acute lymphocytic leukemia which is more commonly diagnosed in people around the age of 17 to 20 and the survival rate is pretty eve amongst all ages with a 69.9% survival rate, lastly 4- Acute Myeloid leukemia which is the most deadly of the four with a 29.5% of survival rate and it mostly affects people in ages 64 to 84. You have a rare form of leukemia called chronic myelomonocytic leukemia or CMML which occurs mostly in people 60 years or over it is very rare for it to be diagnosed to people under 40 making you a very rare case.

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