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Word of day: Ruminate


To think deeply about something.

" After he fills out the form and hands it to the girl at the front desk he goes to sit down. He takes a seat at the front chairs and not long after he hears his name. "Mr. Azrael we're ready for you" he looks at the nurse looking around for the person she just called out. He stands up and walks towards the door which the nurse is holding open. "Follow me" she instructs as they start walking to one of the rooms. Once they arrive at the room she instructs him to sit where ever he'd be most comfortable and to wait a moment while she got some things ready. He sat on a chair that was in the room and started to ruminate about what could possibly be causing him this. In no time the nurse came back and introduced herself "Good evening, my name is Hitori and I will be your nurse for today. What seems to be the problem?" She questioned. "Well these days I've been feeling really intense pain on my chest and it's been difficult to breathe a bit lately," he explains " I know it's probably nothing, but I just wanted to make sure you know?" 'He seems optimistic?' She thinks . "Well there's many reasons why this could be happening but like you said it might just be nothing," she smiles at him. " but I will need some more information to have a better view at this ok?" She asks taking out her clipboard with a sheet of paper. "Ok!" He says ready to answer."

I'm sorry I didn't update this weekend was really busy but here's the next update! I am leaving you with a cliffhanger. Hehehehe. But I will be posting the next part as soon as I can hopefully tomorrow! Thank you for reading!

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