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Word of the day: Aesthete


Someone with deep appreciation for art, beauty and sensory experiences.

" With a notebook in hand she walked through the museum halls admiring the arts in front of her. She looked down to write in her book and her pen fell, she went to pick it up when a young guy suddenly said " Let me get that for you". She looked at him with a thankful smile, "Why thank you, um?" she paused waiting for a name, "Soren, call me Soren. And you are?" he question. "My names Isabella but you can call me Isa." she replied. Soren looked at her notebook with pictures of art and the moon on it. " you are an aesthete aren't you?" Surprised by the accurate assumption she answered, " yes, how did you know?" Soren only pointed at her notebook with his eyes. She let out an almost inaudible giggle, which he smiled at."

If you read the last word of the day then you might've recognized the names, Reason is that I wanted to write how Soren and isa met. I hope you like them! :)

this is the notebook isa has

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