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Word of the day: Forelsket


1.the feeling of being in love; 2. he euphoria you experience when you are first falling in love.

" As they spent the day at the park, during a date, she couldn't help the feeling of being forelsket. Every day felt like the first to her, he was anything she could ask for and he couldn't agree more. They were true soulmates. Soon enough the day ended they ate some dinner and then went to get an ice cream. after getting the ice cream they walked for a bit and decided to sit on a bench that had the view of the ocean to eat their ice cream. They sat there for a while looking at the stars and eating the ice cream. They talked a bit and also stayed in a comfortable silent admiring the beautiful ocean as well as the sky, with her head leaning on his shoulder. As the night came to its peak they headed home and ended the night with a warm embrace."

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