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Word of the day:heliophilia


The need to stay in the sun; love of sunlight.

(The noun is heliophile and that's what I'm using in today's story)

“ I took out the clipboard in which was a sheet that had various questions but it also had a blank paper in the back. “Alright then let's start. First question is how healthy is your diet 1 being not good and 10 being very healthy. If you want I can give you examples of what is a good and a bad diet.” He thinks for a moment before answering “ Well I take very well care of myself I would say I eat pretty well. Of coarse I do have my share of unhealthy choices now and then, I am a sweets type of person ” he trails off talking about the sweets he likes until going back to the main point “but any ways I would say I am a 9 I am pretty healthy. “Alright second question is do you exercise and if you do how often?” He giggles at the obvious answer, the thing is he was in pretty good shape he wasn't those super musclely guys but he did have a good body. “Well, I would say every week not everyday since I sometimes am a bit busier so I don't get time.” I ask him some more questions and I can't help but notice that he is a very healthy person he seems like the type that wouldn't really get sick very often so it made me think that he probably doesn't really have something severe. “Last question is, how much time do you spend outside in the sun?” “About 2 to 3 hours I just love the feeling of the sun on my skin and also I have to take care of my plants and take out my dog.” A dear heliophile I see. We are quite different in that aspect I'm a selenophile while he is a heliophile. “Well sir it seems you are quite the healthy person so there's a big chance that its probably nothing” he smiled at me and wow he has such a pretty smile. “Thank you so much doc, I hope that's the case” he smiled again but this time I noticed he had dimples! How better could this guy get! We finished the consultation and he was able to go home. I really hope that he doesn't have anything wrong.”

I am so sorry that I missed so much time! I have been doing a lot of things but I finally was able to upload ths!

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