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Word of the day: Illecebrous

Updated: Apr 19


Alluring, attractive, enticing.

" She looked at the illecebrous guy walking into the hospital. She couldn't help but feel like she knew him, but from where? Then it dawned on her, he was the boy that she used to admire when she was in highscool! The one with the beautiful voice! But what was he doing here? She snapped back from her thoughts and the guy was now sitting waiting to be attended. She took this chance and went to the girl who had taken his information. "Hey, Rae" she whispered to the girl on the counter "I'm going to take the guy you just attended give me his file." The girl looked at her and with a questioning look on her face handed her the file on the guy. "Mr. Azrael," she paused waiting for him to acknowledge her calling. He looks at her and stands up "we're ready for you sir." She says with a smile"

To be continued... tomorrow.

Soooo I really wanted to make a story about the last word of the day and that's what I'm doing. So what I am going to do is I'm going to make a story about these two and at the same timekeeping it as word of the day. Basically it's going to be the same thing I am going to keep doing word of the day but it's going to be with this story. I hope you guys like my story!

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