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Word of the day: Mellifluous (The start of it all)

Updated: May 5


A sound that is sweet and smooth; pleasing to hear.

“ After listening to his mellifluous voice she knew she had fallen in love with him. Although she only saw him once a week which was when he came by the theater to perform, every single time she made sure to be there whenever he came. Every Friday afternoon she went to the theater to hear that boy sing. It stayed like this for 2 years until one day she went to the theater as per usual but he never showed up. When she went to ask why he wasn't there that day they told her that he had moved cities to go to university somewhere else. She was devastated that she could never even speak a word to him and now she won't ever see him again. Five years later she had graduated college to become a doctor. One day she got a patient that she recognized. It was him! That boy she idolized when she was a highschool student! The one with that beautiful voice! But why had he come to the hospital?”

Hello guys! I have posted in my Instagram account why I haven't posted in a while, if you haven't see it then it was because I was having technical difficulties but right now I'm using another device. So one thing I would like to specify about this little scenario is that the “boy” is in high school and he was a 16 yo in 11th grade. I'm specifying this because some might think that because it says “boy” and not guy then he is like a middle schooler that skipped grades but no. Another thing is that I was thinking of making this one into a story but I'm not very sure so if you want me to make this into a story then please do tell me I will make it into a story instead of this small scenario. Thank you for reading!

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