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Word of the day : ukiyo


living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.

"The Floating World"

"As she swayed with the music, her short red dress swaying with her, she smiled at him with her big, bright smile that would make anyone instantly melt away he looked at her completely smitten with that glow in his eyes that every girl wishes to be looked with. He went into the dance floor grabbing her hand and twirling her into his arms, making her back be against his chest which made his face be close to hers, he spoke softly into her ear words that would make any girl fall in love. They kept swaying side to side like that for a while in their own ukiyo. As if nobody was there just them two."

( On the part where it say "he spoke softly into her ear words that would make any girl fall in love" I wasn't sure what to put so I'll just leave it to your interpretation of wjat would make you instantly fall in love)

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