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"Your profile is interesting."

By the time that disastrous meeting was over it was already 4 o'clock so Hitori went straight home and took a bath. She then cooked some dinner and ate it while scrolling through her phone. While she scrolled through one specific app, she stumbled upon a profile with a photo that seemed very familiar. 'From your contacts' it said under his name. The username was an obvious AI generated one "AzraelS10" but the reason she recognized him was because of his Profile picture. It was Azrael with a small black cat, and the cat had one of his ears covered in white and a heart shaped white patch of fur on his stomach. She clicked on the profile and scrolled through his photos. There were many different types of photos, there were pictures of his cat, of his plants, many of him and his family, and also many of him and his friends out on trips. "He seems like quite the adventurous guy, and kind of... cute?" She though out loud and giggled at the thought of calling him cute. she continued to scroll looking around and the more she scrolled she noticed that he didn't have pictures of him with a lover. As if he had never had a girlfriend before, but he's always been a very good-looking guy it would make no sense that he has been single his whole life. "I guess he is the type of guy to keep his love life hidden." she gave it no more thought after that because as she was scrolling she stumbled upon a picture of the old theater where he used to sing at. It was a picture of an empty seat in the audience and the caption read "Where were you today?" she went to the comments and one of them caught her eye it said "Ooh! did your girlfriend not show up to your show??? ;)" to which Azrael replied with "She's not my girlfriend! but no, she didn't show up today :( might be sick?" And the other guy, which Hitori assumed was his best friend, replied with a bunch of 'XD'. For some reason she felt kind of upset about the fact that there was someone he liked and waited for at the theater she had felt a little special before because she always liked the fact that she was the only secret admirer of his and she got to see him sing every Friday, but now she just feels like someone else who liked to see him on Fridays. Either way she left from that post and decided to send him a friend request. After that she finished her plate, so she went to the sink and quickly washed it. She made her way to her bed and read a little from her nursing book which she had besides her bed and afterwards she went to sleep.

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